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Welcome to Modern Eyes Optometrists in Johannesburg.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations by bringing you the latest technology in eye care. Our friendly and competent staff will assist you in selecting a suitable eye care solution after considering your everyday needs and style preferences. We provide high quality ZEISS lenses and a wide selection modern spectacle frames.

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Understanding your lifestyle is the key to providing the perfect eye care solution!

Optometrist Mall of the South

REDEFINING your eye care experience with the latest technology from ZEISS.

Come and sit with our Optometrist at Mall of the South, Johannesburg and experience the ZEISS iProfiler.  The human eye is one of the most complex systems in the human body. Each of your eyes is as unique as a fingerprint and numerous elements must come together to provide you with good vision. Even the smallest imperfection can lead to vision issues.

Optometrist Mall of the South

With the latest iProfiler technology from ZEISS, we can customize a vision solution to provide you with clearer vision. We are able to analyze the individual profile of each of your eyes, and uses the data to provide a highly refined and specialized lens prescription called ZEISS iScription. This prescription is used to create lenses that are individually tailored to the unique characteristics of each eye — providing you with your best vision possible.